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Giants 30, Texans 17: Post-game quotebook

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What Giants players are saying after Sunday's victory.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here is some of what New York Giants players were saying after Sunday's 30-17 victory over the Houston Texans.

Rashad Jennings on his motivation Sunday ...

"Today I was just reminded, my father has diabetes and he ended up getting both of his legs amputated. He doesn't have legs so I remembered that I do have them so I played that way."

Justin Pugh on the play of the offensive line ...

"We've got a bunch of fighters in that offensive line room. I know people doubt us, and then that's something that, there's beauty in that. Then you go out there and you're going to work hard and keep doing the things that you know will be successful on Sunday. And they're little things of the week. I think we had a great week of practice, and that carried over into today."

Pugh on J.J. Watt ...

"Every time I was interviewed earlier this week, it was about J.J. Watt, so it was definitely something that was a focal point, you've got to stop 99. That first play I let up a sack against him. Obviously I can't do that. It was a technique error on my part. I shouldn't have done what I did. I jump-set him, and he made a play. But after that, I think we showed some resiliency of our offensive line. Whoever was going up against him was going to fight him, and that's the way the game went."

Eli Manning on the play of the offense ...

"That is the way it is supposed to work. I thought it started up front with our offensive line. They did an outstanding job opening up lanes. Rashad [Jennings] ran hard. We didn't get stuck in many third and longs. We didn't have many third downs at all, it felt like. Receivers, we got the ball out quick. The receivers made catches. They had good runs after the catch. It was efficient. We mixed it up and went to no-huddle, then we went with some standard offense and huddled up. I thought we had a good combination and a good mix. Guys were well prepared and we played well, but we still have to fix some things."

Victor Cruz on his first touchdown of the season ...

"Oh man. Excited. It's been a long time since I got in that end zone. It felt good to dance again, but my hips hurt from dancing."