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Required pre-game reading for New York Giants players

Here is a little something Giants' players should read before taking the field Sunday vs. the Houston Texans.

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Giants fans have seen enough of this
Giants fans have seen enough of this
Alex Trautwig

The theme of the week for the New York Giants has been a simple one -- STOP BEATING YOURSELVES! Simple theme yes, but not so simple for the Giants to follow. It has, however, made for some excellent opportunities for writers to pontificate and for coaches and players to speak eloquently.

-- 'Rap' wrote about the key match-up this week being the Giants vs. the Giants.

-- Yours truly called the Giants 'The gift that keeps on giving to the rest of the NFL.'

-- Tom Coughlin talked about it. Ben McAdoo talked about it. Eli Manning talked about it.

Here are some of the best quotes of the week talking about the Giants' generosity with the football.

"First, you have to keep from beating yourself before you can go forth to defeat the opponent ... You pay a tremendous price when the ball is turned over."

-- Tom Coughlin

"Our task and our goal is to toughen up. Stop beating ourselves. This is professional football. Make the plays necessary to win and do it on a consistent basis and eliminate these bizarre events which take the heart right out of you."

-- More from Coughlin

"Turnovers always hurt you ... You've just got to understand you just can't have them. I think we are doing a better job of not turning it over as often. I think some of the ones we had were just some weird plays. A tipped ball on the first one and Rashad Jennings slips, arm hits the ground and the ball pops out. It wasn't like he got hit; he's being conscious of it, just kind of got some bad plays. So I think we have been more conscious of it and we just have to continue to be even better."

-- Eli Manning

"Three turnovers. There is no excuse for it. It is inexcusable," McAdoo said. "What it does is deflate the team. It costs you plays. It costs you series and it takes points off the board. It impacts you negatively on the scoreboard. We have to take care of the football; that is number one."

-- Ben McAdoo

The message for the Giants? Before you hit the field, read your own words. Then, follow your own advice.

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