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Tom Coughlin: 'What's an iPod'?

Tom Coughlin allowed music at practice Friday, and also showed that maybe he needs to learn a little more about modern technology.

Ron Antonelli

You certainly can't accuse New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin of being inflexible. Out of touch with modern technology? That's a different story. But not inflexible.

Coughlin, at the request of players on the team's Leadership Council, allowed music to be played during practice on Friday. Where did the music come from?

"That's what they wanted me to tell you," Coughlin said. "That they took the music off of my ... I don't even know what they're talking about."

"iPod, coach," Senior Vice President of Communications Pat Hanlon told Coughlin.

"What's an iPod?" Coughlin said. "I see everybody with these things sticking out of their ears all the time. What the heck? What, you need music to run? You can't exercise without that stuff? What the heck?"

Hey, at least give him credit for allowing the music. Whatever the players chose to listen to, I'm sure the 68-year-old Coughlin could have done without it.