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Coughlin Corner: Coach talks about upcoming match-up with Texans

Coach indicates that Preston Parker will replace Jerrel Jernigan in the wide receiver rotation.

Preston Parker will get the first opportunity to replace Jerrel Jernigan as the No. 3 wide receiver for the New York Giants, head coach Tom Coughlin said on Wednesday.

"He will have that opportunity," Coughlin said. "He's been in the league, he's very quick. He's played before, he's got a good attitude about it. Hopefully he will make a strong contribution."

Parker has 45 career receptions, 40 of those coming during the 2011 season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This season he has one catch for 29 yards and has averaged 7.5 yards on four punt returns.

What about preseason sensation Corey Washington? Coughlin said "there may be some opportunities for others to get involved."

Coughlin said he does not expect rookie first-round pick Odell Beckham Jr. to practice this week. He said Beckham would work on the side, but not take any snaps.

Coughlin said "he would put anything past" injured middle linebacker Jon Beason, but it seems extremely unlikely he can play with his re-aggravated toe injury. Coughlin didn't indicate how the Giants would approach the middle linebacker role without Beason.

The head coach indicated that, as promised, he had a conversation with wide receiver Victor Cruz. Asked about it, he said "that will remain private, thank you very much."

Coughlin also said to win games the Giants have to play better in the fourth quarter.

"We've gotta win the fourth quarter. Most games in the National Football League are decided then .... you've gotta make things happen, you can't be discouraged when something goes against you," Coughlin said.