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NFL Week 2 Picks: Giants likely to drop to 0-2

Jesse takes a stab at predicting this week's NFL games vs. the spread.

Joe Flacco and the Ravens host Pittsburgh Thursday night
Joe Flacco and the Ravens host Pittsburgh Thursday night
Patrick Smith

The first week of the season went poorly for the New York Giants and there are not too many optimistic Giants fans out there but let's take a look at all the action this weekend and predict what might happen.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5) at Baltimore Ravens

Give me the Steelers for the win. Joe Flacco does not inspire me mad always seems to play poor against the Steelers.

Pick: Steelers

Detroit Lions (+3) at Carolina Panthers

I might be misled based on the shellacking the Lions just gave the Giants, but I think this might be a good team. Even before talent wasn't a problem for the Lions--  it was efficiency and avoiding catastrophes. I also think the Lions biggest weakness (the secondary) is not something the Panthers can take advantage of.

Pick: Lions with the upset win

Miami Dolphins (-1) at Buffalo Bills

This game is a toss up with two teams that have solid talent but questionable quarterback play. Dolphins offensive line looked good last week but I think the Bills supremely talented defensive line gives them too many problems, so I'll take the home underdog.

Pick: Bills

Jacksonville Jaguars (+6) at Washington Redskins

It's not that I think super-highly of the Jaguars but how can the Redskins be 6-point favorites against anybody?

Pick: Redskins win but  by less than 6

Dallas Cowboys (+3.5) at Tennessee Titans

I said last week I thought the Titans might be a surprise team but I didn't think they'd handle the Chiefs so easily. The Cowboys defense is going to be bad this year, and I think the Titans can handle them fairly easily.

Pick: Titans

Arizona Cardinals (-2.5) at New York Giants

I hope I'm wrong about this one but the only thing I like about this game in the Giants favor are the 1 p.m. ET start time and Arizona playing on the road. Cardinals receivers overall might be more talented then the Lions from a depth perspective. The defense is better than the Lions, too.

Pick: Cardinals

New England Patriots (-3.5) at Minnesota Vikings

This surprise pick of the week here for me. I think the Patriots best thing going for them is that they play in a bad division. I think they could be in a down year for them at 10 and 6, and we'll make this a close game.

Pick: Vikings to cover

New Orleans Saints (+6.5) at Cleveland Browns

The Saints are just not the same team on the road as they are at home. They are still better than the Browns but not by 6.5 this week.

Pick: Browns

Atlanta Falcons (+5) at Cincinnati Bengals

I don't love Atlanta away from home and I don't love Andy Dalton as a pretty big favorite. I think the teams are fairly even matched, so I'm going to take the points but predict a Bengals win.

Pick: Falcons

St Louis Rams (+5.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Rams have a ton of talent all over the place, but no quarterback, while the Buccaneers have good coaching and solid talent. McCown isn't great, but he has big weapons and I think they win this game easily. The Bucs are actually one of my survivor pool picks.

Pick: Bucs

Seattle Seahawks (-4.5) at San Diego Chargers

That's a pretty good point spread against a solid team at home but the Seahawks look terrific. It's early, but Russell Wilson looks like he is just getting better. I'll take the Seahawks to cover the spread.

Pick: Seahawks

Houston Texans (-3) at Oakland Raiders

Ryan Fitzpatrick was actually pretty good with the Bills early in the season multiple times. I also think the pressure created by J.J.Watt will be too much for rookie Derek Carr to handle so I'll take the Texans straight up.

Pick: Texans

New York Jets (+8) at Green Bay Packers

I might be alone on this but I feel the talent on Green Bay is not all that impressive and while I don't think the Jets are good I think their defensive line is legit and will overwhelm the Packers front. I'll take the points.

Pick: Jets

Kansas City Chiefs (+13.5) at  Denver Broncos

Too many points to give to a team that has good coaching and solid talent in a divisional Game. Broncos win but Chiefs cover.

Pick: Chiefs

Chicago Bears (+7) at San Francisco 49ers

Too many points and I think the defensive losses will be felt more this week for the 49ers against this offensive team.

Pick: Bears

Philadelphia Eagles (+3) at Indianapolis Colts

I don't think the Colts let the Eagles defense off so easily this week. I expect the NFC East to be pretty bad this year in general.

Pick: Colts

Last week

Against the spread: 8-7-1

Straight up: 12-4