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New York Giants news, 9/10: Victor Cruz wants more targets

New York Giants headlines for Wednesday, 9/10.

Victor Cruz can't hang on to a pass Monday against the Lions
Victor Cruz can't hang on to a pass Monday against the Lions
Joe Sargent

Good morning, New York Gaints fans! And yes, it is a good morning no matter what is going on with your favorite football team. Let's get your 'Weatherford Wednesday' started with a look at today's Giants headlines.

Victor Cruz Wants The Ball

Victor Cruz was targeted six times Monday and had only two catches. Rueben Randle was targeted three times and had two catches for one measly yard. Cruz said Tuesday that needs to change,

"I think in order for us to be successful, there needs to be an increased number of targets in my direction and other play makers' directions, just like Rueben Randle as well, in my opinion," Cruz said. "I do believe we have to make a concerted effort to get Rueben Randle the ball as well as myself and build some continuity."

Jon Beason: 'Easy When Things Go Well'

One of the side effects of the massive change in personnel that the Giants made this past offseason is that players are not certain how the guys they are playing with will react in certain situations, especially when things don't go well. Middle linebacker Jon Beason addressed that topic Tuesday.

"Are we going to be a resilient group? How are the guys that you know and play next to, how do they handle making the corrections or owning up to mistakes? Are guys thick-skinned? ‘Hey, that was on me I have to correct it.' All these things get answered when you get hit with adversity," Beason said. "It is easy when things go well. Right now the Lions are thinking, ‘We are great.' And rightfully so, you can only measure yourself up to your last performance. That comes down to each play. That part of it is yet to be determined and we are going to go in tomorrow and be honest and look at ourselves, first individually, and say, ‘can 5-2 get there' or ‘where were my mistakes' or ‘where was my consistency and execution.' Own up to it and let's fix it. Let's get it right because Sunday is going to be here. No one is going to feel sorry for us."

Steve Weatherford Injury Update

No word yet on the status of punter Steve Weatherford, who suffered a high ankle sprain Monday night. Below is what happened to Weatherford.

Let's hope Weatherford gets some good #WeatherfordWednesday news from the MRI he was supposed to undergo on Tuesday.

Damontre Moore Understands Lack Of Snaps

Fans on the outside don't understand why, after a promising preseason, second-year defensive end Damontre Moore played only 10 snaps Monday against the Detroit Lions. Moore, however, told Jordan Ranaan of that he understands why we wasn't on the field more.

"I didn't give them a reason to trust me yet," said Moore, who had 4.0 sacks in the preseason. "It's one of those things where one of my biggest weak points during the preseason was keeping contain and stuff like that. I haven't given them the reason to trust me, and I don't blame them [for not playing me much]."

Moore took the blame for the 67-yard touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson. He had a chance to sack quarterback Matthew Stafford, but missed. He said he was "out of control" on the play and "I messed up."

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