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Jon Beason Transcript, 9/1/14

Full text of Jon Beason's remarks to the media on Monday.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: I feel pretty good. Just happy to be back out there. Working for one common goal with my teammates. Doing what I love. It feels good to get my feet wet again.

Q: After missing the entire preseason, is it realistic that you can go out there and play?
A: Yeah, I think so. Obviously you want to gauge where I am mentally and physically. What my role is going to be, how big or small. You don't know, but I am taking advantage of the reps they are giving me. I am trying to prove why I need to be out there.

Q: Do you have an idea of where you are mentally and physically?
A: I feel good. A year removed in the system. I prepare, in terms of watching film, pre-snap stuff. I feel like I have a good grasp of the defense. It is just going out there and getting those reps. Those are completely invaluable. Those, you have to have. There is always going to be some type of curve there based on missing those dress rehearsals and that is why we have them. That is why we have the camps, OTA's and all of that stuff. We just don't show up and play.

Q: How good is this linebacking crew without you and how good can it be with you?
A: I think collectively, we have great personalities. I think we have guys that can do a little bit of everything. We have guys that can rush. We have guys that are great in pass coverage. Guys with a lot of experience and guys who can play multiple positions. That is important because guys get nicked and obviously you don't want to get a bead on, ‘well, this guy always does this and this guy does that.' I feel great about our corps. I feel we can be really special this year.

Q: Do you see a difference this year in [the linebackers] watching film and during practice?
A: I wouldn't say we were searching, but experience is tough. There are so many things you can get in terms of meeting rooms and practice and even preseason. Live bullets is everything. As you go, you learn. Having a more veteran guy this year, every guy in our room this year has playing experience with the exception of the rookies. Even still, you have some first team reps for [Devon] Kennard, who is going to help us out tremendously. He prepares like a vet anyway. We feel good about that.

Q: The biggest thing you missed during training camp and preseason was hitting... How much of an impact is that on your game?
A: That is the hardest part. You can't practice tackling. It takes a toll on your body. It's not like you can go out and work on my tackling. You can run routes and catch the ball and stuff like that and work on your footwork. You can't practice tackling. That's why using the preseason is not the best product in terms of blocking and tackling. It's kind of sloppy because guys are trying to get back into it. I really have to focus on my technique and being fast and keeping my feet underneath me, make sure I can make a sound tackle as opposed to be really aggressive and trying to take a guy's head off. I am smart enough to know that, and I have been doing it for a long time, but like I said, that is going to come with playing in the game.

Q: When you sit on sideline for most of camp... How anxious does it make you to get back out there?
A: For me, I always appreciate the grind. I think the hard work, the tough days and the hot days of putting in that work, you expect the result. That is what I miss the most being on the sideline. It is hard to lead. To me, a leader is a guy who is consistent. You can't lead if you are not in the fire with guys. How can I tell you what to do when I am over here hanging out, drinking Gatorade with a hat on? I am just happy that I can be back out there with the guys and working for our goal together.

Q: At the end of this week, where do you feel you want to be in wanting to show the coaches that you can go out there and handle a full load despite having not done it?
A: I think that they trust that I am going to be there. Obviously there are going to be smart. It is like anything. You always have to prove yourself. I don't care if you are Eli [Manning] in your tenth or eleventh year or you are a rookie. You have to go out and prove yourself every single day and I think my teammates respect the way I go about my business, and I think the coaches do, too. Nevertheless, I still have to go out there and do it. By the end of the week, I think they will feel pretty confident that I can go out and contribute on whatever level they deem okay.

Q: Were you a [full participant] today at practice?
A: Yeah, I fully participated today and I felt good. Guys told me I looked really fast out there. Obviously, I should, with fresh legs. It was hot, but you just keep going. The will has to be greater than the pain. You have to fight through it, knowing that every rep is a rep getting closer to playing.

Q: Can you still have an impact Monday night even if you are not a full-time player?
A: I think so. When you want to go out, you want to play at the highest level. You want to give the maximum effort on every single play. You give everything you can and if you can't go, then [you have to say], ‘Hey coach, I have to get out of the game.' I feel great about the guys we have in our room, the rotation that we can have. Knowing I have that in my back pocket, I just want to give everything, but if I can't, then get me out of there. I feel good about where I should be on [September 8].