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Return of Jon Beason excites Giants

Middle linebacker Jon Beason practiced Monday for the first time since breaking his foot during OTAs.

Jon Beason
Jon Beason
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Middle linebacker Jon Beason is off the PUP list and practiced fully on Monday for the first time since breaking his foot and tearing a ligament during OTAs. How much can the New York Giants expect to get from their defensive leader on Monday night when they open the season vs. the Detroit Lions? Head coach Tom Coughlin said Monday that remains to be seen.

"He will have "X' amount of snaps to practice and if he comes through this practice week having handled that, then we can expect to play him whatever amount of time we decide to do it. He stays out there, works hard, doesn't have any setback, and I think that's the proof right there," Coughlin said. "The medical people are very confident because of the way he's prepared himself to this point.

"We’ll see exactly where we are at the end of the week."

'His presence on the practice field is going to change things. That is going to change a lot of things.' -- Tom Coughlin

Coughlin is thrilled to have the veteran Beason back on the field.

"His presence on the practice field is going to change things. That is going to change a lot of things," Coughlin said. "It's the upbeat, the love to play, fly around a million miles per hour, encouraging other people to do the same or better, and just how hard he plays. He shows great example in what he does, he loves the game, so it is great to have him back out there."

Beason is also happy to be back.

"I always appreciate the grind. I think the hard work, the tough days and the hot days of putting in that work, you expect the result. That is what I miss the most being on the sideline," Beason said. "It is hard to lead. To me, a leader is a guy who is consistent. You can't lead if you are not in the fire with guys. How can I tell you what to do when I am over here hanging out, drinking Gatorade with a hat on?"

Beason admits he doesn't know how much he will play Monday night.

"What my role is going to be, how big or small. You don't know, but I am taking advantage of the reps they are giving me. I am trying to prove why I need to be out there," Beason said. "I think that they trust that I am going to be there. Obviously there are going to be smart. It is like anything. You always have to prove yourself. I don't care if you are Eli [Manning] in your tenth or eleventh year or you are a rookie. You have to go out and prove yourself every single day and I think my teammates respect the way I go about my business, and I think the coaches do, too. Nevertheless, I still have to go out there and do it. By the end of the week, I think they will feel pretty confident that I can go out and contribute on whatever level they deem okay."

Giants players also understand Beason's value.

"We need him, everybody knows that we need him," Jason Pierre-Paul said.

As the week begins Beason is listed No. 3 at middle linebacker behind Jameel McClain and Mark Herzlich on the Giants unofficial depth chart. It would, however, be a shock if No. 52 isn't with them the first time the Giants defense takes the field Monday night.