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Fantasy Football: Andre Williams Flying Up The Rankings

Andre Williams has begun to be noticed by the fantasy football playing community and by some of the top analysts in the business after his strong showing against the Buffalo Bills.

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The New York Giants faced the Buffalo Bills in the Hall Of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio on Sunday night, and the entire fantasy football playing world was watching. They were watching to see if the Giants offense had improved from last year's unmitigated disaster and to see if the Bills offense had anything to offer this year. They also may have been watching because it was the first Sunday with actual football in over six months. Either way, a few players did some things that fantasy owners needed to take note of.

First and foremost, the Giants offense got off to a bit of a slow start. The passes were indeed shorter and coming out quicker, but you could tell the offensive line really needed some time to gel. The good part about the short passing game was that Rashad Jennings was featured as a pass catcher. He turned three receptions into 20 yards and looked to be a very nice option for fantasy football owners looking for a good PPR running back.

The second running back into the game for the Giants was a bit of a surprise as the rookie Andre Williams got to show his physical style against the Buffalo Bills second unit while running behind the Giants first team offensive line. Williams rumbled for forty-eight yards on seven carries and scored a very physical touchdown on a goal line play. Williams carried the ball Sunday night a little differently than he he did in his days at Boston College. Instead of pumping his arms and flailing them a bit, he ran under control and looked like he was concentrating on taking care of the football.

I wasn't the only one who noticed Williams Sunday night. Many of the best analysts in the fantasy football community had their suspicions about WIlliams's role and talent put at ease. Williams looks to be the second back off of the bench and looks to be the goal-line back that all fantasy football players covet. He showed the talent that led him to lead the NCAA in rushing in 2013, even if it was against the Bills' second unit.

Some of the best analyst recently changed their rankings and WIlliams shot up!

Evan Silva of put out his new top 150 with some notes.

Silva has some strong feelings about Jennings as well, but they are in the opposite direction of his bullishness on Williams. I trust Evan as much as any other analyst in the business because he puts in the time even in the draft process.

Matthew Berry of also put out his new top 200 and Williams was ranked even HIGHER!

Berry is by far the most recognized fantasy sports analyst in the business and this year he decided to only concentrate on football. With Matthew Berry and Evan Silva talking up Williams this early in August you should not expect to grab Williams as late as you would have hoped for.

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