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Corey Washington gets Tom Coughlin's attention

Wide receiver Corey Washington made an impression on coach Tom Coughlin Sunday night.

Corey Washington
Corey Washington
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

When you are a young, unknown player trying desperately to make an NFL roster you hope for one moment, one play that gives you a chance to get on the radar of the head coach.

For Corey Washington, an undrafted free agent wide receiver from Newberry College, that moment arrived in the second half of Sunday night's Pro Football Hall of Fame Game. Washington, trying to make an impression with the New York Giants, found himself streaking down the right sideline. Quarterback Ryan Nassib lofted a long throw, and it wasn't long enough. Washington had to stop, then use his 6-foot-4 frame and long arms to come back and pull the ball away from a Buffalo Bills' cornerback. He did, then coasted into the end zone unimpdeded for a 73-yard touchdown.

The result? Head coach Tom Coughlin gushing about Washington during his Monday conference call.

"How about that? Wasn't that some play by that kid," Coughlin said.

Truth is, Coughlin knew who Washington was before he made that play.

"He has done that in practice a couple of times where he has done some things that were pretty spectacular that got our attention. One, as a gunner, just flat-out running and splitting the double-team and then moving on down the field to make a play on the punt returner," Coughlin said. "He did that in practice and was recognized and very noticeable, and he has made some of those catches here on the practice field where he has gone up over the top of people and caught the ball, like what he did last night."

At 6-foot-4, Washington is the biggest receiver on the Giants' roster. Coughlin enjoyed seeing him use that size on Sunday.

"It is something that you notice when you see it because you're always thinking can you take the ball off the top of the defender and certainly Corey just showed that he can," Coughlin said.