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Coughlin Corner: Coach reacts to news about David Wilson

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Jason Miller

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin had said last week that when training camp began he was "praying" that David Wilson would be OK. We know now that Coughlin's, and Wilson's, prayers were not answered. Coughlin Monday addressed the news that Wilson will be placed on IR and will likely never play again.

"We had pretty much braced ourselves for not good news, although trying to be optimistic and not trying to go ahead and make some kind of a statement prior to getting that information. You naturally feel bad, you feel down. It is just a natural thing," Coughlin said. "I have to say when David came in and we sat and talked, he is such an upbeat young man. He is so positive. The smile is still on his face, even though he has received this kind of news.

"The statement that gets you is he told his dad when he was eight years old that he wanted to play in the NFL and he did that. Not only that, he was a first-round draft choice in the National Football League. He certainly expected for his career to be longer, but sometimes it doesn't work. The way he expressed it was, ‘God must have something in mind for me. I want no pity. I want no one feeling sorry for me. I am not going to be down about this. No one will catch me in that frame of mind. I am going to stay positive and I am going to continue to be.' He said ‘I am an optimistic person by nature and it is going to remain that way.' I thought that was a wonderful thing for him to say and a great lesson for all of us."

What will the Giants do at running back with Wilson gone?

"Well, you've got five guys and two fullbacks and Henry [Hynoski] can play running back if you chose to do that," Coughlin said. "If we think that there is a circumstance at the beginning of the week that will jeopardize your ability to practice, then I am sure we will have another one in here."