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Giants Roster Bubble 2014: Several spots still up for grabs

Tonight offers players on the roster bubble one final chance to prove they should be part of the New York Giants 53-man roster. Let's look at some of those position battles as the Giants get ready to face the New England Patriots.

Mario Manningham
Mario Manningham
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Giants host the New England Patriots Thursday night in their final 2014 preseason game, the final score will be of little importance. Several positions remain unsettled as the Giants look set their 53-man regular-season roster, something they have to do by 4 p.m. ET on Saturday.

If you have been following the Giants throughout training camp and the preseason, you know what those unsettled positions are. The reserve wide receiver positions are yet to be determined. There is a question about whether all four tight ends currently on the roster will be kept. How many running backs will be kept, and after Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams who will they be? Who will the Giants keep as reserve offensive linemen? Will the Giants keep two quarterbacks or three? Will they keep five cornerbacks or six? Can an extra defensive lineman force his way onto the roster?

Throughout the day we will be breaking down some of these questions position-by-position. Stay with our StoryStream to see if you agree or disagree with how I believe these positions will shake out.