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Tom Coughlin ranked No. 5 among coaches in ESPN poll

Coughlin is ranked in the second tier of NFL coaches in a poll of 30 league insiders.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Rich Schultz

The New York Giants have not made the playoffs in two years. They don't look like a championship-caliber team right now. NFL insiders, though, still believe the Giants have a championship-caliber head coach. In an ESPN poll of 30 NFL insiders, Coughlin ranked No. 5 among active NFL coaches.

"He is every bit as solid as Belichick," said a former GM who placed Coughlin in the top tier. "He has done it over time and been very consistent. You can say he is old-school, but I think he appeals to young guys. He is very sound. Nothing falls through the cracks. These guys at the top, if I were with them, I would spend not a single minute worried about whether we were coached right or had everything covered."

Valentine's View

Anyone who reads Big Blue View on a regular basis should understand by now that I think Coughlin is a tremendous football coach. Truth is, I am not pinning the last two playoff-less seasons on Coughlin. If the Giants flop miserably this season and go, say, 5-11, I am not pinning that on the head coach, either.

I am pinning last year on the Giants' talent evaluation -- on GM Jerry Reese, VP of Player Evaluation Marc Ross and the scouting department that is choosing which players to bring in for Coughlin to coach. The same goes for this season. Player acquisition, the draft and scouting are not Coughlin's responsibility. Coaching what he is given is.

If the Giants suffer through another miserable season there will, most certainly, be cries for the Giants to move on from the league's oldest coach. It might well happen, in fact. It says here, though, that those cries will be calling for the wrong head.

Your thoughts, Giants fans? Does Coughlin still deserve to be ranked this high among NFL coaches?