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Coughlin Corner: Coach talks about Brown-McManus decision

Highlights of Tom Coughlin's post-practice meeting with reporters on Tuesday.

Josh Brown (3) gets congratulations from Steve Weatherford after a made kick
Josh Brown (3) gets congratulations from Steve Weatherford after a made kick

Tuesday was a busy day for the New York Giants who trimmed their roster to the league-mandated 75 players and managed to trade one of the players they weren't going to keep, placekicker Brandon McManus.

The Giants also held their final preseason practice Tuesday as they get ready for Thursday night's game against the New England Patriots. Here are a few thoughts from head coach Tom Coughlin following Tuesday's practice.

On keeping veteran Josh Brown instead of McManus ...

"He is veteran kicker. [Brandon McManus] and him were both very close. They both did a really good job. I think Brandon will kick in this league. He is a very powerful man. He needs to work on some of the finer kicks, but certainly demonstrated his ability to drive the ball through the end zone, which is a tremendous asset."

On why wide receiver Mario Manningham remains on the roster despite an unproductive preseason ...

He has had some spurts the last couple weeks where he has done some real good things on the practice field. It hasn’t carried over to the game field yet. He will have another chance.

On what Ryan Nassib gained from playing well the past two weeks ...

It has boosted his confidence. He came off a so-so game and then played very well for the last two. He works at it. He's a worker, a grinder and doesn't have a lot of emotion, whether it be good or bad. He is just a hard working guy.