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Giants Roster Cuts: Well, there still haven't been any

The Giants have not yet begun announcing players who will be let go as they trim the roster to the 75-man limit.

Emmanuel Dieke could be among players the Giants will cut
Emmanuel Dieke could be among players the Giants will cut
Alex Trautwig

NFL teams have until 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday to trim their rosters from 90 to 75 players. Many have done so already, or at least begun doing so. The New York Giants, despite having held two practices since they played the New York Jets on Friday night, have yet to begin trimming the roster.

Perhaps the Giants are waiting as long as they can for information on many of their injured players, like offensive guard Geoff Schwartz or wide receiver Marcus Harris. Perhaps with the number of players they have who are battling injuries at this point they feel they need the extra players to get through practice. Perhaps they simply haven't made their decisions yet.

Whatever, the reason, the clock is ticking for several players currently on the roster.

Who will be let go in the first wave of cuts? Sunday we speculated about some of the possibilities.

Will any of the players let go in this round of cuts be brought in by the Giants? There are always players from other teams brought in once roster cuts are made. The Giants do have needs at certain positions. Among them:

-- Offensive line

-- Tight end

-- Perhaps running back

Any other positions the Giants should be looking to upgrade?

Here is another question to ponder. As the Giants trim their roster which players who eventually are let go do you believe wind up on an NFL roster somewhere?