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Giants Roster Cuts: Corey Washington should not be worrying

NFL teams have to trim their rosters to 75 players by Tuesday. Which Giants players should be worrying about their jobs?

Corey Washington is dragged down Friday after catching a pass
Corey Washington is dragged down Friday after catching a pass
Rich Schultz

NFL teams have to trim their rosters from 90 players to 75 by 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, meaning a lot of fringe players for the New York Giants and around the league are nervously hoping their phones don't ring.

One of those is likely Corey Washington, the impressive undrafted free agent wide receiver from Division II Newberry College. Washington, though, almost certainly has nothing to worry about in this round of cuts. In fact, he probably has little to worry about when it comes to garnering a spot on the regular-season 53-man roster.

The 6-foot-4, 214-pound Washington -- again seeing almost all of his snaps in the fourth quarter -- caught a touchdown pass for the fourth straight game Friday vs. the New York Jets.

Asked about Washington during his Saturday afternoon conference call, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin did not sound like a man ready to let Washington get away from the Giants.

"Anytime anybody plays in a superb fashion, it gets your attention," Coughlin said. "He has certainly been a big part of any type of fourth quarter success that we have had. You acknowledge the fact that the young man has made progress and, of course, he has one area that he has done very well and this is he will go up and get the ball. That is very noticeable."

On The Roster Bubble

Washington might be safe, but there are several players who will be let go sometime between now and the 4 p.m. Tuesday deadline. With the Giants returning to practice Sunday at 3:30 p.m. it stands to reason that many of those cuts could come before the Giants take the field today.

Who might go? Well, let's take a look.

Safety Cooper Taylor is likely headed to IR due to needing surgery to repair his broken sesamoid bone. If the Giants make that official, they would still have to drop 14 players from the roster.

Players who did not see the field on offense or defense against the Jets could well be in the first wave of cuts.

Defensively, linebackers Terrell Manning and Spencer Adkins fall into that category. Defensive backs C.J. Barnett and Kyle Sebetic also did receive any defensive snaps against the Jets. Safety Thomas Gordon played only four snaps, cornerback Chandler Fenner played five snaps and defensive tackle Everett Dawkins played only seven snaps.

On offense, tackle Jamaal Johnson-Webb had no snaps. Tackle Adam Gress played just two snaps and wide receiver Travis Harvey was on the field for only five plays.

Other candidates to cut would be rookie tight end Xavier Grimble and veteran kick returner Trindon Holliday, each of who has yet to play in a preseason game due to hamstring injuries.

The quirky thing about this round of cuts is the Giants have to trim the roster while remembering that they have a preseason game Thursday vs. the New England Patriots. They need enough players at each position so that they can get through the game without playing starters for more than a handful of snaps.

That is why a player like quarterback Curtis Painter, who did not play Friday, is almost certain to get through this first round of cuts. Injuries to the offensive line might also help one or two reserve players at that position around for a few more days.