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New York Giants news, 8/22: Giants offense called 'embarrassing'

New York Giants headlines for Friday, 8/22.

Eli Manning is sacked by D'Qwell Jackson of the Colts
Eli Manning is sacked by D'Qwell Jackson of the Colts
Joe Robbins

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Today is a game day, of course, with the Giants facing the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium (7:30 p.m. ET/WCBS). While you wait for kickoff let's check the headlines.

Ex-GM: Giants offense 'looks worse than it should look'

Anyone who has paid attention knows that the re-structured Giants offense has not looked good in the team's first three preseason games. The Giants have done their best to put a happy face on the situation, saying they see more in practice than they have shown in games, preaching patience and promising that things are going to get better when they unveil more of their playbook.

Much of what the Giants have said makes sense, and much of it I agree with. The transition, especially with so much new personnel, is not easy. Yet, as much as everyone -- including myself -- emphasizes patience former NFL GM and current NFL Network analysts Charlie Casserly recently made some ominous-sounding comments to the New York Post:

"It’s anybody’s guess what we’re seeing out [the Giants] offensively in preseason, ’cause it’s embarrassing, and they know it is, too," NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly told The Post. "But is this simply they’re working on one thing in practice and another in a game? Or is this a disconnect on a system? You sometimes don’t know until the regular season starts.

"This just looks worse than it should look. I’m just watching Eli, the fundamentals bother me. His footwork isn’t good — he’s all over the place with his feet. He seems to be muscling the ball — it’s not natural to him when he’s throwing it. And maybe I didn’t notice that in the past, but it seems to be more in preseason than I’ve seen in the past, so I can’t answer why, ’cause I’m not there, and I don’t think anybody who isn’t there can really answer it either."

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