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Change the extra point? Tom Coughlin has a good idea

Move the extra point to a 33-yard try? Nah. Giants coach Tom Coughlin has a better idea.

Giants placekicker Josh Brown (3)
Giants placekicker Josh Brown (3)

The NFL's ridiculous experiment with the 33-yard extra point is over. During the remaining preseason games and the 2014 regular season the extra point will be -- as it has traditionally been -- a 20-yard try.

That, however, doesn't mean monkeying around with the extra point is a thing of the past. NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino told Dan Patrick this week that "this play is going to change in the very near future."

If the extra point is going to change let's hope it isn't to the 33-yard attempt. It seems stupid to have a 33-yard try worth one point while field goals from inside that distance can be worth three.

Asked Wednesday about the extra point, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin offered a better idea.

"Put it at the one," Coughlin said.

I LOVE that idea.

Put the ball at the one-yard line instead of the two, increasing the temptation for teams to go for two points rather than settling for one.

If the extra point has to change why not take Coughlin's idea a step further? Make a touchdown an automatic seven points -- unless a team chooses to try for two points from the one-yard line. You make it, you get eight points. You miss the two-point conversion you only get six points for your score.

That would put real risk into the conversion attempt.