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Michael Strahan: Numbers befitting a Hall of Famer

Michael Strahan's career by the numbers.

Why is Michael Strahan being enshrined into the Hall of Fame on Saturday night? Strahan's career was about much more than stats, but the numbers are impressive. Here is a look at some of the impressive career numbers for the great New York Giants defensive end.

Strahan By The Numbers

  • One of only three players to play 15 years with the Giants. Mel Hein (1931-45) and Phil Simms (1979-93) are the others.
  • A four-time first-team All-Pro: 1197, 1998, 2001, 2003.
  • NFL AP Defensive Player of the Year in 2001.
  • A seven-time Pro Bowler. Only four Giants went to more Pro Bowls -- Lawrence Taylor (10), Harry Carson (9), Rosie Brown (9), Emlen Tunnell (8).
  • Had 141.5 career sacks, a franchise record and the fifth-highest total in NFL history.
  • Holds the single-season sack record with 22.5 in 2001.
  • Led the NFL in sacks in 2003 with 18.5.
  • Holds the Giants' postseason record with 9.5 sacks.

-- Stats from the New York Giants