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Valentine's Views: Five things I think I think

Five thoughts about the Giants as they prepare to face the Jets on Friday night.

Damontre Moore gets a sack
Damontre Moore gets a sack
Joe Robbins

As the New York Giants continue to prepare for the 2014 season let's offer some observations. It's time for a 'Five things I think I think' about the Giants.

I think it's interesting that the Giants haven't moved Geoff Schwartz to right guard. The Giants' prized free-agent acquisition was penciled in at left guard when he signed because the Giants were still hoping Chris Snee would play this season. With Snee retired some people assumed the Giants would move Schwartz, who has had most of his career success at right guard, to that spot. In 2013 Schwartz played 10 game sat right guard, three at left guard and one at left tackle. In 2012 all 10 games he played were at right guard. In 2010 Schwartz played 11 games at right guard and five at right tackle. To this point, however, Schwartz has stayed on the left while Brandon Mosley, Weston Richburg and John Jerry have manned the right.

I am not saying it is a move the Giants should have already made. It is one they may still make. It is one they may never make. It's just interesting that they didn't make it already.

I think lack of play-makers, not the offensive line, could be the biggest problem on offense. I believe that eventually the Giants offensive line will settle in and be at least adequate. I am more worried about the lack of play-makers for Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo. No matter how comfortable the Giants get in their new system and how well they are able to execute it there is a ceiling to how good this group can be. There is no reliable tight end. After Victor Cruz, there is no proven big-time wide receiver who pressures a defense and demands a double team. There are good running backs, but not explosive ones.

I think I love expanding the practice squad to 10 players. Adam Schefter reported Monday night that the league is expected to bump practice squads from eight players to 10. This adds 64 NFL jobs, which is a good thing. It also helps teams develop extra young players so that they don't have to pluck so many guys off the street and plug them into their lineups later in the season.

I think the injury to Cooper Taylor in unfortunate. It sounds like the sesamoid injury Taylor suffered is worse than the one that cost Jon Beason roughly three months, which means it is almost certain the young safety will wind up on injured reserve. Taylor showed signs through three preseason games that he was developing into a player who could push his way into a role on the defense. Losing him is a blow to the depth at safety.

I think Damontre Moore will lead the Giants in sacks. Yes, the Giants have Jason Pierre-Paul. Yes, Pierre-Paul has the big reputation and Moore is still a developing player. Yes, Pierre-Paul keeps talking about how good he feels and how he is ready to have a monster season. Yes, it is still preseason but it is Moore who is playing with passion and making things happen while Pierre-Paul has done little. Maybe Pierre-Paul is just waiting for the regular season to really cut loose. Maybe, however, he isn't the explosive player he once was.

In all honesty maybe my view is skewed here by the fact that when he speaks I love what I hear from Moore in terms of maturity, growth and work ethic while, candidly, I'm tired of Pierre-Paul's chatter about how great he will be this year. We'll see.