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New York Giants news, 8/18: Will Giants shuffle offensive line?

New York Giants headlines for Monday, 8/18.

Weston Richburg
Weston Richburg
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants return to the practice field Monday afternoon, and they have a lot to accomplish in the limited preseason time remaining. Despite their 3-0 preseason record the first-team offense has, as anyone paying attention knows, been abysmal. The starting defense, which should be a strength, could use a wake-up call, too.

"There are not enough plays being made by our starters on the offensive or defensive side of the ball," head coach Tom Coughlin said on Sunday. "We didn't get a whole lot done."

Perhaps the biggest thing to watch for on Monday is whether or not Coughlin shuffles the deck on the interior of the Giants offensive line. It seems inevitable that rookie Weston Richburg becomes a starter at one of the two guard spots or the center position. The questions appear only to be where, and how soon. Perhaps we get an answer today.

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Don’t Panic: Patience Is Key With NY Giants’ New Offense " CBS New York

Whether McAdoo’s offense will fix Manning and turn him once again into the "elite" quarterback of the second Super Bowl season of 2011 is anybody’s guess. It may not happen until several games into the regular season, when Manning finally finds the three-step rhythm and comfort level he so clearly does not have now.

For the present and near future, waiting is the only available activity. McAdoo will release the hounds when he is ready, and not a moment sooner.

Whether the offense will look any different than it has is the question.

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