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New York Giants news, 8/16: Hakeem Nicks on opposite side Saturday night

New York Giants headlines for Saturday, 8/16.

Hakeem Nicks
Hakeem Nicks
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

When the New York Giants face the Indianapolis Colts Saturday night at Lucas Oil Stadium former Giants star wide receiver Hakeem Nicks will be on the opposite side, wearing a No. 14 Colts uniform. It's a sight that will be odd for not only Giants fans, but Giants players as well.

"It's going to be weird. I was watching him this past week in that good ole Colts jersey. It's not the same, but he's healthy from what I hear, he's in the best shape in his life from what I hear and see. I'm going to shoot him a text to talk junk to him, too, while I'm at it," said Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. "We absolutely stay in touch. Every chance we get, every time something goes on, he's definitely still in-tune with what we're doing here and I'm in-tune with what he's got going on over there. We always stay in touch. We're friends above all, so we definitely always talk to each other."

After back-to-back unsatisfactory seasons, Nicks is trying to prove that he is still the player who caught more than 70 passes in the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Cruz said the under-whelming performance and the speculation that perhaps he was not giving his best effort wore on Nicks.

"It was tough for him. Obviously he's a competitor and he wants to be able to play and play at a high level. You can just see certain times throughout the game where he just didn't feel like he was himself. Whether it was off-the-field things or things he was battling on the field with injuries. You could just sense something was off but I tried to stay in his ear and keep him positive. It was a tough year for him and I'm happy he's in a clear mind now and able to lock in," Cruz  said.

"Anytime people say things like that and try to discuss your character, I think it takes a toll on anyone. I think it did for him and I think it's something that he wants to prove wrong and show that he's a team guy and show he gives his all on every play and show that he gives his all for his teammates. I think a fresh start for him in Indianapolis is going to be just that. So we'll see how that goes for him."


"I wouldn't say my practice habits in college were lazy, but I didn't have someone pushing me, competing with me to take my spot. So when I went to Indianapolis last year and kicked with Adam, you learn, every day you've got to make every single kick. Competition drives people to get better and it did for me."

-- Brandon McManus on what he learned last season competing with Adam Vinatieri for the Colts' placekicking job

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