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Ben McAdoo 08.12.14 Press Conference

Q: How far along is the offense to being exactly where you want it to be or is it now where you want it to be?

A: Monday night in Detroit, we need to be 100 percent ready to go. We're not there yet. We're making small strides. You'd like to say you're taking two steps forward every day and one step back. At this point in time, we took a couple steps forward last night. Practice, we had a good day out there and we have to keep making small strides.

Q: It sounds like you're still installing stuff. At what point do you say, "we're going to look back at what we've really done well and fine tune that?"

A: We have a plan on how we're going to install. We're going to continue installing and continue to review some things we've done earlier. We have a plan in place for that. You never want to sit on your hands.

Q: How important are these last three games to get some rhythm with Eli [Manning]?

A: Obviously when you take a look at the first four drives from the last game, we didn't have much rhythm. We want to start faster. The first series we don't get done what we'd like to get done. We had a manageable third down and we expected a conversion then. We hit the big play in the second series, which was nice to see was well-blocked. Rashad [Jennings] is a very efficient mover and hit the hole with good energy and that was nice to see. The line communicated and blocked it up well. Eli made a good decision leaving the play on. The third series we get the sack. We didn't execute the way we're capable of and the fourth series we had the penalties, which there's no excuse for. We didn't have a chance to throw the ball on the first four drives, but we're not going to walk around with our heads down because of it.

Q: How has been calling plays for the first time? Has anything surprised you because of it or is it going how you expected?

A: Probably the only surprise is that you want to call more than you can at one time. There are no big surprises.

Q: Did you anticipate growing pains? Is it the way you thought it was going to go?

A: I try to take everything day by day, as best I can. I'm guessing if it was easy and smooth, everybody would be doing it.

Q: I'm curious if you had to ward off impatience at all or how you have managed what you want to happen to what can really happen as you're installing and teaching.

A: I try to stay calm. As calm as I can be. I think it helps the players and coaches around you. It helps you think clearly. I'm not someone who is patient by nature, that's something that I have to work at. But really, the response of the coaches and players during the game the other night helped. It showed we can overcome some adversity. Even with the third group, the way they responded, came in and did a nice job. We have a pretty level-headed offensive group. There's a lot of character there and when you can hang your hat on character, you like your chances.

Q: Does it make it harder for you knowing you don't have all the pieces of the puzzle? Odell [Beckham] hasn't been able to practice, [Will] Beatty's been limited a little bit. Does that slow things down for you?

A: No, we're going to push forward. We can only control who's on the field and that's what we worry about. The coach is out there and is ready to go. In the meeting rooms, we give as much attention to those guys as we can. It prepares you for the season because it's a "next man up" mentality. The next man has to step up and perform.

Q: Eli talked about gaining trust in the offense and trust in everybody knowing what they're doing when you're calling the plays. Do you need, somewhere before the end of the preseason, sustained three or four series where the offense works where you want it to for the trust to be sustained before opening night?

A: You'd like to have that every time you step on the field. That's not going to be the case. At the same point in time, we need to take that leap of faith. We need to play fast, we need to trust our instincts. It's a game of anticipation and belief in your teammates. If we can't do that, then we're not going to grow. We can't be afraid to go out there and make mistakes.

Q: It sounds like, from what the players said to us, they've taken that leap of faith in you and the scheme that you have presented. Have you sensed that they have bought into it quickly?

A: It's our scheme. I said that from the beginning, and I'll continue to say that. This isn't about one man or one man's offense. This is about the New York Giants offense growing and learning together. I look forward to the challenge.

Q: Just give us some impressions of Eli. You've obviously inherited a quarterback with a hell of a resume to work with. What's it been like for you and what's your sense of how he learns and how he's doing?

A: Eli's a pro's pro. We have bunch of them in the room. Seems like we have one in every room. With Eli, Rashad, and Victor [Cruz]. We have guys that go about their business in the right way and lead by example, who are very humble, charismatic in their own way. And there's not a lot of fluff there to them. Not a lot of BS. That's something you can hang your hat on as well.

Q: What are your impressions of Corey Washington?

A: Corey [Washington] is a big man that can run and go get the football. That's a good place to start. He is a young guy who has a lot to learn but he has done some special things over the last week. It will be exciting to see him grow.

Q: When a guy flashes like that multiple times, do you say this is not just a snap shot here, it's a little bit of trend?

A: He is certainly trending up.

Q: You say you are impatient by nature. Are you itching to unveil more of what the offense is in a game situation?

A: Absolutely. At the same point in time, we just like to go out and play sound, smart, and tough. Be committed to discipline and poise, and execute the way we are capable of executing.

Q: How do you feel about the tight end group at this point?

A: The tight end group is similar to the rest of the offense at this point. We will take a couple of steps forward, a step back. Every day is a new day. They just need to keep pushing forward.

Q: Do you feel like anyone is distinguishing themselves?

A: I think Larry (Donnell) has had a nice camp so far. I think Daniel (Fells) had a good camp until he got nicked up. The other guys are making progress.

Q: What is it about Larry Donnell that impresses you? He received almost all or most of the first team reps in the last week or so.

A: I think Larry is conscientious guy. He is a big body; he's capable of blocking sometimes better than he does on tape. He can go down the middle of the field and make a play on the ball. That needs to show up all the time. It is important to take care of your teammates on the field and that seems like it is pretty important to him.

Q: What is the challenge of this new offense for this whole group as they continue to learn what you have put in?

A: Well, the biggest challenge is time. Some things happened the other night for the first time for these guys. The first time they saw certain looks. You just have to teach off of it, they have to grow and learn and you have to move on.

Q: Are you ahead or behind where you thought you would be at this point in time?

A: Probably right where we thought we would be.

Q: Is it possible to share a percentage of what is in and what still has to be installed?

A: I could, but I'd rather not.

Q: Can you talk about the running backs a little bit? Specifically Andre Williams and how he is fitting in and what you liked out of him in the first couple of games.
A: Yeah, that's a good room. We have some big and smart running backs. We do a nice job of taking care of the football, that is primary. I like the big bodies in there. They are smart, conscientious, they can protect, and that is going to be a heck of a competition moving forward.

Q: How can you utilize a healthy Odell Beckham Jr.?

A: You know, it's good to see Odell out there yesterday. See him stick his foot in the ground. He looked pretty good. We will see a little more from him today but he just has to get healthy and come slowly. He doesn't have to do everything all in one day.

Q: It seems in training camp the running game tends to develop later than the passing game. Isn't it a good thing that maybe the running game is ahead of the passing game at this point?

A: I am not sure one is ahead of the other at this point. You are always battling in protection to get guys used to protecting. The challenge now is getting linemen and get them developed. You have a couple weeks in the offseason when they are not allowed to put anyone in front of them. When you are allowed to put someone in front of them, they don't have pads on. We only have a couple weeks in where we have pads on those guys. So you are always chasing that pass protection and getting used to passing off stunts and fitting their pads in the protections and being physical. So that is the biggest challenge.

Q: What are some of the conversations you have about those four drives when you started looking back. Particularly with Eli, what went right, what went wrong? What were those conversations like or have you had a lot of them yet?

A: We talked about seeing some things for the first time and how we need to get on the same page moving forward. I love the dramatic miscommunication articles out there, but it is more timing issues. We are on the same page on what we were going to do and when it was going to happen. That was the challenge and when you see certain looks for the first time, it's going to be a challenge.