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Fantasy Football: Reaction To David Wilson's neck injury

The good news about David Wilson being cleared for contact barely had time to be celebrated in fantasy football circles before Wilson went down with a neck injury that could put his season and career in jeopardy.

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The New York Giants and the fantasy football playing public at large had long thought that David Wilson was on track to be cleared medically before the start of the Giants' 2014 Training Camp.  Dynasty fantasy football players were kicking the tires on trades while the Giants brass held their collective breaths right before Wilson's final medical exam. The good news was announced July 21 and Giants fans were relieved and excited that their back-flipping running back would once again get a chance to show his stuff.

Wilson immediately took over a large portion of the second team reps and the fantasy football community started to talk about how the Giants backfield could become another Earth, Wind and Fire backfield with Jennings, Wilson and the rookie Andre Williams taking over the roles. Rashad Jennings saw his average draft position drop from the middle of the fifth round down to the mid- to late-sixth round in 12-team drafts after Wilson stepped back on the field. Wilson's ADP climbed form a late 12th-round pick to a high 10th in only a few short days. The fact that Williams was indeed getting the goal-line reps early in training camp meant that another Giants' running back was rising up the draft boards.

All of the hoopla and the jockeying came to a screeching halt when Wilson walked off the field after slamming his neck into the back of offensive lineman Eric Herman during practice on Tuesday. The Giants fell silent as they knew what they were witnessing could actually be the final time Wilson ever stepped on a football field. The injury was called a burner, but the delayed reaction from the Giants told the story that they were not convinced it was a minor issue. Wilson may be trying to reassure everyone by saying he's fine, but the public and Giants' fans know that  the New York Giants are going to be extremely cautious going forward.

While all of this is happening there were sharp corrections in the ADP of Wilson and Jennings. Wilson's ADP immediately turned downward and was quickly below the 11th round in just a few hours while Jennings's ADP climbed back into the late fifth.  While we as Giant fans wait and see what will become of David Wilson, the fantasy football community and market has already moved on. Fantasy football is a tough business, just like the NFL is a tough business. There is no time for sympathy or feelings. There is only time for evaluation and value.

I am hoping for the best for David Wilson.  Part of me is selfish and wants to see him flying down the sideline on a kick return or bursting through the secondary on a long run, but another side of me hopes to never see him play again.  I am trusting that the Giants medical staff won't put him in harm's way if there is even one iota of doubt that he's physically ready.

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