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Doctor: 'Worrisome' that David Wilson's injury happened so soon

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Dr. Kyle Flik offers some thoughts on the potential severity of the neck injury suffered this week by David Wilson of the Giants.

David Wilson
David Wilson
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Running back David Wilson seemed optimistic on Wednesday as he waits for tests on Monday that will determine the course of his NFL future. Dr. Kyle Flik, an orthopedic surgeon in upstate New York specializing in sports medicine, says Wilson's latest injury could be serious. Or, it could turn out to be nothing.

"When a player who has had surgery already is reported to have had a stinger [the Giants are calling it a 'burner'], that really could be anything. From a benign problem to a serious problem that ends his career," Flik said. "I certainly am worried about him if I'm his physician. It could be an issue with a herniated disc again. If it was just a temporary thing it could be something where they'll do some imaging studies and if everything looks fine they may clear him to go, to keep practicing."

Flik, of course, is not Wilson's physician. As such, he has not seen any of the images of Wilson's spinal fusion or the latest injury, suffered Tuesday when Wilson's helmet slammed into the back of offensive lineman Eric Herman. Wilson was only cleared for full contact a week ago, and Flik he was certain his doctors felt he had healed well enough and had enough strength to withstand taking hits.

"It's certainly a worrisome time that it happened so fast," Flik said. "Obviously it's not a good sign. If it happens again in a short period of time then I would be very worried about it."

The Giants, for certain, are already worried about it. is reporting this morning that Wilson "needs a miracle" to return to football.

Wilson sees Dr. Frank Cammisa, the surgeon who performed his spinal fusion, on Monday. Cammisa is chief of spine services at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Despite Wilson's optimism, his career hangs in the balance.

Dr. Kyle Flik Bio

Dr. Flik graduated from Dartmouth College where he earned 8 varsity letters as a member of both Division 1 ice hockey and lacrosse teams. Before starting medical school at the University of Vermont, he further pursued his athletic interests by playing professional ice hockey in Europe. Dr. Flik attended the Hospital for Special Surgery, long considered one of the top orthopaedic training hospitals in the country. His interest in sports medicine led him to Rush University where he completed a fellowship and served as assistant team physician for the Chicago White Sox (MLB), Chicago Bulls (NBA), and Chicago Rush (Arena Football League). Since coming to the Capital Region, Dr. Flik has served as head team physician for the Albany Patroons and Legends (CBA), Albany Buzz/Sportimes (World Team Tennis) and the Albany Academies teams.