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Watch former Giants coach Mike Pope dump ice water on Dallas players

See what Pope, now in Dallas, is doing to Cowboys tight ends.

The New York Giants fired legendary tight ends coach Mike Pope after the 2013 season. Maybe they did it because the veteran coach has gone just a little bit nuts. Check out the video above to see what Pope, now the tight ends coach with the Dallas Cowboys, is subjecting his charges to at Cowboys training camp. By the way, skip to the 1:18 mark unless you really want to listen to a whole lot of Jerry Jones chatter.

Why is Pope, known for his different approach to teaching the tight end position, doing this?

"Concentrate on the ball, don't flinch, don't bat your eyes," Pope explained. "Everything we do has to do with that. If they can't play with distractions, they can't play."

Pope was with the Giants from 1983-1991 and again from 2000-2013. He is the only coach with his name on all four Giants Super Bowl trophies.

I don't recall ever seeing Pope do this to Giants tight ends, though it is possible. As for the Giants current group of tight ends, they don't need the ice baths. Giants' players are getting a 'halftime' cool-down break in the middle of practice, anyway.