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David Wilson: Running back tweets 'I'm doing well'

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Wilson takes to social media to reassure fans after a scary neck burner on Tuesday

David Wilson
David Wilson
Al Bello

New York Giants running back David Wilson took to social media Wednesday evening to thank fans for the prayers and support after he left Tuesday's practice with a neck burner. "I'm doing well," Wilson tweeted.

Wilson also took to Instagram with the following message:

Left practice early yesterday but everything turned out to be fine once the Dr. Looked @ me plus I passed all physical examination. I find out more on Monday #gottagetback #pocketrocket

Wilson is known for his optimistic nature. Let's all hope he isn't kidding himself here and that everything really is fine. It's pretty scary to see him leave practice with a neck burner barely a week after he was cleared for contact following offseason neck surgery.

The Giants signed Rashad Jennings and drafted Andre Williams during the offseason. They can certainly find a way to utilize Wilson's speed out of the backfield -- if he can play.

Wilson will not play Sunday night vs. the Buffalo Bills. He will not practice until after seeing a specialist on Monday.