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New York Giants news, 7/29: Giants get good news about Odell Beckham

New York Giants headlines for Tuesday, 7/29.

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Good morning, New York Giants fans! The best Giants news of your Tuesday morning is that the tests rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. underwent Monday on his troublesome hamstring showed "no reason for concern," according to the New York Daily News.

Despite the good news, Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News is reporting that Beckham is unlikely to practice until after the Giants play in Sunday's Hall of Fame Game.

Now, let's look at the rest of the headlines this morning.

From Big Blue View

Monday practice report

Terrell Thomas signs with Seattle Seahawks

Giants aim for 70 percent completions

Josh Brown, Brandon McManus in kicking competition

Corey Washington hopes to make big impression

COMING UP: Damontre Moore sat down with me Monday for a very informative, entertaining one-on-one chat. That will be posted here just a bit later this morning, so be sure to stop back for that.

Camp Quotebook

I do, that’s my specialty. I love going deep and making the big play. But I love getting the ball in my hands and turning a short gain into a big gain. That’s my M.O. and I like it so far for sure. ... I think having those shorter passes to get the ball in my hands will be good for myself and Eli [Manning] to build our confidence to get ourselves going week in and week out.

-- Wide receiver Victor Cruz on liking the short passes prevalent in the Giants new offense

"Yeah it is definitely quicker. It is going to be a huge benefit to our offense. Right now with things coming along together for them, obviously they are not where they want to be, and no one here is, but it is coming together pretty smooth. I think Eli looks great. The receivers are going out there and competing. You have a lot of receivers going out there competing."

-- Safety Antrel Rolle on the Giants offense

"As of right now, until it separates and until we have that clear-cut favorite as far as who’s going to be the starter, who are going to be the role players, until that comes into light, no, I don’t think we need to specify and get this guy to go with the first team and this guy is only a third-teamer. I don’t think that. I think we continue to develop them and see who’s going to take the role or roles because you can use multiple tight ends many times in the offense."

Tight ends coach Kevin M.Gilbride Jr

"He’s a better athlete than I thought. You know, sometimes you see a guy on TV or haven’t seen him play much live, and you don’t know exactly what kind of athlete he is, but as you’re around him more and more, he is a better athlete than I expected.

"He moves better. He moves a lot better than I thought. Nowadays, you’re getting so much spread offense and quarterbacks. You get a guy who is running all over the place so you group Eli with a bunch of stiff guys, but that’s not really the case. He is a good athlete, especially in the pocket. We’re not going to run a quarterback draw with him but he moves around pretty well."

-- Quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf on what has surprised him about Eli Manning

"I know my knee is fixed, but it is just the confidence. It’s me sticking my foot in the ground and going. Every day it gets better and better."

-- Mario Manningham on his comeback from a serious knee injury

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