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Coughlin Corner: Coach talks about two days of practice in pads

Coughlin press conference highlights.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some of the highlights of Tom Coughlin's meeting with reporters Monday at New York Giants training camp.

Q: How much has these two days in pads helped the development of the offense?

A: You have to put the pads on. You are not going to get it done with shorts and t-shirts. It’s a physical game and it has to be played upfront, it has to be technically sound, and you must be able to physically be in the position where you are making the blocks or you are defending. We have always put tremendous stock on what is up front with our offensive line and our defensive line as a measure of literally the strength of our team. We are glad to be in the pads and as each day passes, they are challenged to be more physical. We always talk about being smart because we don’t want anyone to do anything stupid that costs us a player, but the physical aspect of the game is something we have to definitely get back to.

Q: What does it mean to ‘trust your feet?' That's an expression we heard today from Langsdorf and Eli.

A: Our offense has a lot to do with their feet. They attribute a lot of what the quarterbacks are able to do with the timing, his feet, and having them in the right position and set properly. They work very hard, whether it's a three-, five-, or seven-step drop. When the ball is supposed to come out and the depth of the routes and the quarterback's ability to get his feet in the right position. That's the very basis of this scheme is having your feet in position to make a play at the right time.

Q: That's really breaking new ground for a guy who has been doing another thing for 10 years.....

A: It's just a different approach to it and it's something that this offense relies upon since Bill Walsh.

Q: Do you think a 70 percent completion percentage in this offense is a legitimate goal?

A: I think that number has always been used by this offense as a standard. Not that it has been accomplished that many times in history, but it is a goal like any other goal. If someone was to achieve that percentage, we would be a pretty good offense.

Q: That's a lot higher than your old offense, right?

A: Our old offense was probably 68 percent.