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Should the Giants sign quarterback Kyle Orton?

Kyle Orton is a free agent. Should the Giants look into signing him?

Kyle Orton
Kyle Orton
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We have written again and again, including earlier today, that Ryan Nassib has yet to prove to the New York Giants that he can be their backup quarterback. He may yet earn that job, but right now it is debatable. Curtis Painter is 0-8 in his career as a starter and has a career passer rating of 60.6.

Which leads to this question -- should the Giants be kicking the tires on veteran quarterback Kyle Orton?

Orton, the Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback last season, was let go a few days ago by Dallas. Orton had apparently told the Cowboys he wanted to retire, but then said he planned to show up for training camp so he wouldn't have to repay a $3.4 million signing bonus.

It's not clear if the 31-year-old Orton wants to play again. He did basically walk away from a $3.25 million base salary. What is clear is that he is a proven player in the NFL, a guy with 70 career regular-season starts in 75 appearances. He is a better player than Painter, and more of a sure thing than Nassib.

The Giants have roughly $6.97 million in cap space. It is unlikely they would  offer Orton anything like the $3.25 million slaary he would have had in Dallas, if they were interested at all. And no one is saying they are. The question is simple -- should they be?