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Jerry Reese defends Giants' hiring of David Tyree

Anti-gay marriage stance by Tyree has caused backlash.

David Tyree
David Tyree
[Crag Barritt -- Getty Images]

The New York Giants' hiring of David Tyree as the team's director of player development has caused some backlash in the gay community due to Tyree's stance against gay marriage. Part of that backlash is found in the letter to Tyree from a gay Christian athlete published in SB Nation's Outsports, and re-posted here at Big Blue View.

During a Wednesday press conference Giants general manager Jerry Reese was asked about the Tyree hiring, saying the Giants did their "due dligence" on Tyree, the 2007 Super Bowl hero, and "we're happy to have him on board."

Reese really did not want to discuss the social issues that have cropped up thanks to the move.

"Number one, he was qualified for the job and we think he's a terrific fit for us," Reese said. "I believe everybody should be treated equal, I believe everybody should be treated fairly, I believe everybody should have an opinion on what they want to say. Most of all I believe I should mind my own business and try to keep the plank out of my own eye."

Your thoughts, Giants fans?