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Big Blue View Round Table: Top story lines of training camp

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The Giants open training camp on Monday as players report.

Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo during mini-camp
Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo during mini-camp
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants' players report for training camp on Monday, with the first practice set for Tuesday afternoon at Quest Diagnostics Training Center [Full Practice Schedule]. What are the top story lines of training camp? We asked some of the Big Blue View contributors to weigh in on that question in the latest edition of the 'Big Blue View Round Table.'

Below is how the question was phrased, and the answers:

This could be one of the most interesting training camps/preseasons for the Giants in recent memory. What story line are you most interested in following throughout the preseason? Why?


As everyone probably knows by now, I was the main driver behind the Eric Ebron hype train. Just because we got as good of a weapon in Odell Beckham Jr., doesn't necessarily void my interest in the tight end position. I think a good "move" tight end is vital towards bringing another dimension to this offense. Everything is about spacing in this scheme. The Giants need someone big and fast in the middle to make it work.

How so? Well look at it this way. If a tight end is fast enough (and established enough), he'll command a safety to cover him. That simply leaves less coverage for your playmakers on the outside and Victor Cruz in the slot. If the opposing team puts a linebacker on him, you can exploit that mismatch. A good move tight end can be a weapon in the redzone. Rueben Randle is the tallest NYG receiver at 6-foot-2, and you can bet he'll be double teamed inside the 20. A large presence inside has the potential to dominate jump balls in that area.

The Giants also run a number of clearing routes that draw coverage away from designated zones. A big problem for Victor Cruz last year was that he didn't have a guy like Martellus Bennett or a healthy Hakeem Nicks or even an Ahmad Bradshaw to draw coverage on the inside. The Giants need that height/weight/speed guy to demand attention and free up open areas of space. Clearly what I'm getting at is the tight end position. It's the most interesting spot to watch in training camp and my early candidate to win out is Adrien Robinson. He has the absurd measurables (4.56 40-yard dash and 39-inch vertical at 270 pounds), now he needs to show up and play some good football.


What am I looking forward to seeing the most heading in to training camp? Oh man, Ed's just being cruel leaving it wide open. Can I just say "football is back!" and be done with it? No? Well, any one player, or even position battle just seems too limited.

I'll just have to go with what the offense actually turns out to look like. This is the first time in a long time that we don't know pretty much exactly what to expect out of the offense. In fact, I feel no shame in admitting that I really have no clue how the Giants are going to attack defenses.

Sure there are things I'm expecting to see, like the quick strike and screen pass foundation of the West Coast Offense. But even though Ben McAdoo has spent his whole NFL career with Mike McCarthy, the fact that the Giants haven't pursued any Green Bay free agents despite ample opportunity, makes me doubt the Giants will clone the Packers' offense.

There's also the Coughlin factor. Any team coached by Tom Coughlin is going to want to punch the defense in the teeth with a strong power run game and control the line of scrimmage. That's something that has hardly been in the... In the... (Idiom sir?) IDIOM! Of the West Coast Offense.

There have also been reports that Coach McAdoo is taking input from everyone, so I have to wonder how much effect Danny Langsdorf is having. For those who have forgotten, Langsdorf is the Giants' new quarterbacks' coach. Before that he was the offensive coordinator for Oregon State. So I do wonder bow much the trends in the college game will factor into the Giants new offense.

Add to all that all the position battles... I just can't wait to see it all come together!

Valentine's View

For me, it's simple. The development of the Giants' new offense is THE STORY of training camp -- and of the entire season, for that matter.

So much is new, and there are so many layers. Is Ben McAdoo up to the task of being an offensive coordinator for the first time in his career? How will the entirely new offensive coaching staff, and the players, mesh? Will McAdoo and Eli Manning see eye-to-eye in an offense vastly different than anything Manning has run before? How will the offensive line shake out and, most importantly, will it do a better job of keeping Manning upright this season? Will Rashad Jennings be up to the task of being a lead back? What will the Giants get from David Wilson? Can they learn how to complete a screen pass to a running back? Which wide receivers will step up and help Victor Cruz? Who emerges with the tight end job?

So many questions. It is going to be fascinating to see the Giants try to sort out all the answers.

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