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Amukamara the 'Prince of Paparazzi' for one night

Athletes are always having cameras shoved in their faces. For one night, Prince Amukamara joined the dark side.

Prince Amukamara
Prince Amukamara
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants' cornerback Prince Amukamara has turned into quite the Internet attention-grabber this offseason. Prince showed up in Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie, which pretty much broke Twitter, partied like a rock star at a bar mitzvah, and showed up at the ESPYS.

So, I suppose it's only natural that Prince actually joined the star-searching paparazzi for a brief interlude while attending an ESPY party. Amukamara jumped behind a TMZ camera and had some fun interviewing Danny Green of the NBA champion San Antonio Spurs.

Prince actually did an OK job here. And it's nice to seem him having some fun and looking comfortable showing some of his personality. TMZ even dubbed him 'Prince of Paparazzi.'

Let's hope, however, that he isn't quite ready to leave his day job for the world of the star-hunting paparazzi.