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New York Giants news, 7/18: NFL Draft is moving, more news

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New York Giants headlines for Friday, 7/18.

Radio City Music Hall will no longer host the NFL Draft
Radio City Music Hall will no longer host the NFL Draft
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Just a few more days until Monday, when Giants' players report for the beginning of training camp. So, let's check the headlines.

Goodbye, Radio Ctiy Music Hall! The NFL Draft is moving. Commissioner Roger Goodell isn't sure whether it is going to Los Angeles or Chicago, or exactly how many days the draft will encompass, but it is hitting the road. has posted its offseason report card for the Giants. Like everyone else, SI's Doug Farrar seems anxious to find out if all of the changes the Giants made will actually bring positive results.

John Clayton says the Giants and Buffalo Bills, the participants in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, can really use the head start:

The Giants also are at a crossroads. They have their two recent Super Bowls wins (2007, 2011), but they've missed the playoffs four of the past five years, including the past two. Tom Coughlin has been the right coach for this proud franchise, but missing the playoffs for three straight years could make ownership start thinking about the team's coaching future. I wouldn't say Coughlin is on the hot seat. The owners know how good he is as their franchise's leader; he probably has two years to turn it around. But this is an important camp for Eli Manning, who is coming off a horrible season. Coughlin replaced offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride with Ben McAdoo. In April, Manning underwent a minor ankle cleanup surgery. His health is fine, but he hasn't had the full offseason to work with his pass-catchers and fully execute the offense. He says the new offense has re-energized him. But it's Manning who has to re-energize the team.

The Daily News offers a look at young players to track during training camp. has nine reasons why fans should be optimistic.