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Henry Hynoski or John Conner? Which fullback should the Giants keep?

John Conner with the ball during mini-camp
John Conner with the ball during mini-camp
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have two experienced, NFL-caliber fullbacks competing for the job this summer. Which one would you prefer, John 'The Terminator' Conner or Henry 'Hynocerous' Hynoski?

In my recent pre-training camp 53-man roster projection the job went to Conner. That's not a knock on Hynoski. It's just my thinking right now on how this competition will shake out.

I'm not going to try to dissect the pros and cons of keeping each player. I think we have probably gone over that a few times throughout the course of the offseason. Fact is, both players have skill sets that make them deserving of NFL jobs.

This is simply your chance to vote on which player you believe the Giants will keep. Try not to base your vote on player popularity. Try to base it on which guy you believe is best-suited to handle the job in the Giants' new West Coast-based offense.