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Weatherford Wednesday: Training Camp Is Almost Here

Only 6 more days until practices start, and it just so happens to be Weatherford Wednesday.

Hey guys, guess what day it is...

C'mon, guess what day it is!

*buzzer noise*

WRONG! It's not the "H" day... It's

Weatherford Wednesday!

So with training camp only five days away, and practice six days away, let's catch up on what everybody's favorite punter has been up to:

Let's start with Steve taking a global perspective:

A little bit earlier in the week #5 stormed ESPN's SportsNation:

And of course Steve's been training for camp... He even went out to the Mecca, Gold's Gym Venice Beach, to do it:

Oh, and a cameo by a former Giants kicke:

Oh, and has anybody seen the new Sportscenter commercial featuring Metallica?

Well, Weatherford did:

Personally, I'm a pretty big Metallica fan, and Seek & Destroy just happens to be my favorite song of theirs. So this is pretty nifty.

And until next time, remember: