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Antrel Rolle critical of Hill and Hosley, backs Giants

Antrel Rolle
Antrel Rolle
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants Pro Bowl safety and defensive captain Antrel Rolle Thursday expressed his disappointment with suspended players Will Hill and Jayron Hosley, and backed the Giants decision to release Hill following his third suspension.

"Every individual has to be accountable for his own actions. They're both adults, they're both men. They know right from wrong, they know the do's and don'ts of this league. They know if you're going to be tested, when you're going to be tested. It's too easy to do right than to keep doing wrong," Rolle said. "That's something that we don't need around here. We don't need to have bad pub, guys ending up on Twitter saying, ‘What's going on, what's up with the secondary,' this, that and the other. It's a bad reflection. It doesn't look good."

Of Hill, Rolle said his loss "stings like hell," but that the third suspension "kind of forced their hand." Here is his full quote:

"I'm extremely disappointed. When I heard that the cut was finalized I can't say it was a shock to myself. Will knew what situation he had put the Giants in, he kind of forced their hand. At that point in time you can't really depend on Will to help us out and to really do anything for us if you're suspended repeatedly, season after season after season," Rolle said. "I spoke to Will, he and I have had several chats about this. He's fully aware of what took place and what should have taken place. Every man has to be accountable for their own actions. Like I said, it didn't surprise me. It stings, it stings like hell. Will is a like a little brother to myself. He's a phenomenal player, probably one of the most gifted safeties that we have. For him to keep moving himself in the wrong direction, it's not a good thing."