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Antonio Pierce talks New York Giants linebackers situation

The long-time NFL linebacker observed practice and had some interesting thoughts on the Giants' revamped defense.

Robin Marchant

The New York Giants underwent arguably the most dramatic makeover of any NFL team this offseason, and many fans are still trying to catch up with the sweeping roster changes. You can only imagine how Antonio Pierce feels watching his old team.

Pierce, the nine-year NFL veteran who spent the last five seasons of his career with New York, chatted with Wednesday after taking in OTAs. The video covers a few topics -- namely Pierce's young coaching career his stated unfamiliarity with the Giants' revamped roster and his thoughts on the new defense are particularly interesting.

"Well, one, I had to get the roster out, right? I had to get the pictures to flip through who the guys were, even some of the coaches," Pierce said. "But what I saw was a little step, a step up in somebody's pace. We're already talking about tempo and getting after it, and you could see that. Even in OTAs, guys just have that sense of urgency.

"But when hen you change coaches, when you change players, you bring new guys in -- you bring in whole new fresh blood. Hopefully that's going to translate into some wins for the Giants."

Regarding the Giants' linebackers in particular, Pierce echoed the reports that have pegged the group as vocal and active, particularly Jon Beason and Jameel McClain.

"First thing I looked at was the linebackers," Pierce said. "I know we got the rock back with Jon Beason, and he'll be great for the team. Great leader, great vocal person. A leader by example. Then you bring in another physical player like that in McClain -- the division we're in, it's always tough, and with the running backs and different quarterbacks and tight ends you have to face -- those are two guys that I'm sure offenses are going to have to prepare to stop those guys as far as blitzing the gaps and stopping the run.