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World Cup 2014: U.S. vs. Germany open thread

The USA meets Germany today in World Cup play.

The United State Men's National Team faces Germany Thursday (noon ET, ESPN) in a critical 2014 World Cup match that is likely the most early-anticipated match ever for the U.S. team. Both teams simply need a draw to advance out of the group stage into the knockout stages.

There are a number of ways for the U.S. to advance. As SB Nation summed it up, "If USMNT wins, they're in. If they tie they're in. If they lose, well, things get complicated." Yes, there are multiple scenarios too complicated to get into here where the U.S. can lose to Germany and still advance.

Complicating matters is torrential rain that has hit Recife, flooding the streets and making travel to the game difficult. You have to think the weather will have an adverse effect on playing conditions, as well.

You say you are working today and can't watch the match? Forget that. Go home. Head to the bar for a long lunch. U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann is begging for your support, and Klinsmann and President Obama have written you an official 'get out of work' permission slip. Pretty hard for your boss to argue with that.