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Giants Roster Breakdown: Henry Hynoski, FB

Can Henry Hynoski reclaim the fullback job with the Giants? It won't be easy.

Henry Hynoski
Henry Hynoski

After a wasted 2013 season and with a serious challenge in front of him, can Henry Hynoski regain his role as fullback for the New York Giants? Let's focus on Hynoski as we continue our player-by-player profiles of the 90-man roster that will report to training camp for the Giants on July 21.

2013 Season In Review

This was a lost season for Hynoski. He suffered a knee injury in the team's first OTA, missed the entire offseason and preseason, hurried to get back, returned before he was really ready and did not play well, then suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in the third game of the season. He then watched the Giants sign John Conner, a quality veteran, to play in what had been his spot.

2014 Outlook

I have written this before, but Hynoski and Conner will duel in what promises to be one of the most interesting position battles of the preseason. Will it be the 'Terminator' or the 'Hynocerous' that emerges with the fullback job? Both are quality players. Conner might be a slightly better blocker and Hynoski a slightly better receiver, although both assertions are certainly debatable.

One thing that won't have any impact on the decision is Hynoski's popularity in the fan base. The Giants will make this decision based purely on which player they believe helps them the most. Which guy will that be? Maybe the Giants don't even know yet.