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Mailbag: Giants' fans still pining for Jermichael Finley

Let's open up the first summer edition of the Big Blue View Mailbag.

Jermichael Finley
Jermichael Finley
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have entered their summer vacation. The thirst for information about the Giants is never completely quenched, however, and we're here to help you with this weekend's edition of the 'Big Blue View Mailbag.' Let's see what questions are on your mind in the first official weekend of the summer.

Answer: First and foremost, while Finley has been cleared by his own personal physician he has yet to pass a physical with any NFL team -- so we don't know for sure that he can play after last season's neck surgery. We know that the Giants have checked in on Finley from time to time, so while Finley coming to the Giants seems remote it's not impossible.

As for why they have never seemed to have Finley as a priority, what I have to believe is that new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo knows the player better than anyone in the Giants' organization McAdoo, after all, was Finley's position coach for a while with the Green Bay Packers. This tells me that McAdoo is not exactly pounding the table and demanding that the Giants bring the guy to New Jersey. So, while fans on the outside see Finley as the answer to the Giants' tight end riddle, perhaps the guys on the inside aren't quite as enamored with him.

Answer: Kennard has been impressive. He seems to study hard, and has flashed a little bit while learning both the middle linebacker and strong-side linebacker spots. With Jon Beason sidelined and Jameel McClain having slid into the middle to replace him, Kennard has been seeing first-team reps on the strong side in the Giants' base defense. We have to see if Kennard can continue to impress the Giants once the pads come on in training camp and the preseason games start, but you have to believe there is a chance he could be a starter.

Here is what linebackers coach Jim Herrmann had to say about Kennard during mini-camp:

"He’s played all over so he’s got multiple talents and he’s a smart guy so it’s not anything new for him. And he gives us a lot of flexibility. He has some rush ability so on third down he could actually be a rush-type guy. The flexibility helps us. As you go into the season there are 46 guys out there, normally the linebackers get maybe five guys so somebody has to know dual roles and we’ve always had guys that could do that. He’ll give us that ability."