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Ben McAdoo Press Conference Transcript, 06.19.14

The complete transcript from Ben McAdoo's meeting with reporters on Thursday.

Q: Can you talk about your progress and your comfort level that you're developing as a first-time offensive coordinator?
A: I'll say this - 12 practices together versus the defense, we've made some progress. The players are working hard. They're excited to be here, they're dedicated. A lot of guys, we all understand that this is voluntary, most of it, we're in our mandatory minicamp now but they made a commitment to the organization and we're excited about that.

Q: When you become a coordinator is there a difference as far as when you can say things, how much say you have in things? Was it a big difference between Green Bay and here for you at all?
A: As a position coach you're in a position of leadership and you're really the head coach of your position. As a coordinator, the role grows. A coordinator position is a position of leadership and that's how I look at it.

Q: How would you say the guys are picking things up so far?
A: They have a good feel for what we're looking for at this point. To say that we have things mastered after 12 practices, by no stretch of the imagination do we have everything mastered but they understand the identity that we're looking for moving forward and it will be exciting to get them back here and get some pads on.

Q: How similar and or different is, when you look out on the field and you look at some of the stuff that you're running, how similar or different is it from what you were doing in Green Bay?
A: It's a combination of a couple systems. The Giants have been playing good offense here for a long time. Coming in here, it's an honor to be here, I come from a system that's different than what they've run in the past here and we're trying to merge the two together and get the best of both worlds.

Q: You've got an interesting weapon in Trindon Holliday, a guy who really doesn't have too much experience offensively. Are you trying to work him in at that role at all?
A: What type of role would that be?

Q: Just a playmaker, I guess.
A: We'll take all the plays we can get from anybody out there but Trindon has a special skill set. He has some speed, he has some quickness, he's done a nice job as a receiver in there also in the slot making plays and also doing things outside so he's been a pleasant surprise.

Q: Are you starting to see the offense develop the type of personality that you're looking for?
A: Right now we're trying to get better every day. We're making small strides. Our identity - we want to be sound, smart and tough and we want to be committed to discipline and poise. At this point in time we're not there but we're getting close.

Q: How has it been to work with Eli?
A: It's been great. On the outside looking in I've always admired Eli. I've had some rough days versus Eli in the past but I admire him as a pro. He's a smart player, I like the way he thinks about the game and I'm excited to see him grow.

Q: How much input does Eli have? You're obviously still developing and tweaking that playbook, how much influence or say or preference is he able to give?
A: Eli and I will work hand-in-hand, as will the other coaches. We always want the input of the guy under the center. He's going to be a big part of the things we do here.

Q: You talked about merging the old offense and this offense. How much understanding of what the offense was here did that involve for you? Did you have to watch a lot of what the players used to do before you came here?
A: Just a lot of input, we put a lot of time to gather the stuff, it's been great. A lot of us haven't worked together in the past but it's a talented staff, a high character staff and we've spent a lot of time together before the players got here, it was a little bit of an extended offseason and that helped us as coaches. Certainly you want the players here as soon as you can get them here but we spent a lot of time together and tossed around ideas. We all like football, we all love football and enjoy talking about it and that helps and goes a long way.

Q: Henry Hynoski said he was extremely excited when you got hired because of the way you used John Kuhn there. Do you see a role for Hynoski in this offense and would it be similar to the one that John Kuhn had for you guys?
A: Henry and John (Conner) have both done a nice job. We mix, we're in and out of personnel groups and those types of things at this point. You like to use the fullback. The way I was raised, a fullback's a big part of the things you do. Henry and John have both done a nice job so far.

Q: Tom Coughlin makes no secret how he feels about turnovers and how much they affected last season here. In your offense and in your teachings, is there a way to minimize turnovers?
A: Well, first things first, this will be our offense. This is going to be the Giants' offense, not my offense. Watching the film from last year, it's no secret they didn't protect the ball as well as they would have liked to. We've made strides already I believe this offseason in doing that. The fundamentals were a big part of it, decision-making is a big part of it. And yes, it can be fixed, and yes, it will be fixed.

Q: Early on what are your thoughts on the guys you have playing tight end right now? Has anybody separated themselves from the pack in your mind?
A: I think we have a nice group there. We have big men in the room, I like the way they think about the game, I like the way they're moving around on the field. When we get the pads on that's when we'll really know where we are.

Q: Tom has a strong background as an offensive coach. How much does that help?
A: I said this the first time I was interviewed after we decided to take the job, was this is a class organization and one of the classiest organizations in professional sports. I had a chance to work for a Hall of Fame coach with a Super Bowl type MVP quarterback and locker room that has a ton of character and a coaching staff that has a ton of character. That's something that we're all going to lean on, we're all going to lean on each other.

Q: I would imagine it's been a pretty whirlwind last five months for you, how are you going to spend the time now until training camp?
A: It feels like week 23 but it's been exciting, an exciting time. It's been a very fast time, I'll spend a little bit of time away from it, try to get some work. I have young kids that will take naps, get some work done. It will be good to see them though. But we'll get away for a little bit.

Q: You talked about how the players are coming along with the new stuff. How about you personally? Do you feel like you're developing as a coach in your new role and what kinds of things are you finding are challenging about that?
A: I'm not spending a bunch of time worrying about myself. I like to do what I can and lead by... leadership through service is probably the best way to go. Do what I can do to help the coaches and the players around me.

Q: Will you be the game day play-caller on offense?
A: Yes.

Q: That is a new role for you, right?
A: Yes.

Q: How do you prepare for that challenge?
A: I've been groomed for the position. It's... the way we've handled it in the past, Mike (McCarthy) does a tremendous job calling plays in Green Bay and works with Aaron (Rodgers), works with the offensive coordinator, works with the quarterbacks coach and at the end of the day you set the plan and you go out, you stick with the plan and you have to be ready to make adjustments on the fly.

Q: Is there a way to get used to doing that though beforehand? Is there any sort of practice or preparation you can really do or it is to just have the knowledge base and you have to actually get in there to do it?
A: You have to prepare for everything you do to be successful in this business. Calling plays is no different but you have to put the time in. It's the planning, it's the planning with everybody on the staff, it's the planning with the quarterback and just trying to be one step ahead of the game.

Q: Do you prefer to be on the field or in the box when you're calling plays?
A: We haven't spent a bunch of time talking about it but all early indications are that I'll be down.

Q: You had a lot of close relationships in Green Bay with Mike and Aaron. How important is that for a coach and how quickly can you get that going here with Eli and the other guys?
A: Relationships... building relationships and having strong relationships is an important part of pro football. It's difficult in year one to do that, you usually have to go through some things together and develop a strong relationship so that takes time.

Q: Once you were hired did you feel like you then had to sell yourself to someone like Eli who has won two Super Bowls? Or is that one of those things that just has to come over time?
A: We have a value system that we believe in. Humility is one of those values. Respect is another and dedication is a third. Eli is very humble. He is a guy that is very anxious and very excited to be a part of something. He didn't have the year that he wanted to have last year so we didn't talk about this but what I see is a guy who is a consummate pro and is excited to move on.

Q: Did you feel like you were bringing some kind of culture shock to the offensive side?
A: No. I feel good about where I've been and the direction we're headed. Maybe some folks who have been here in the past feel that way but I'm not someone to go out there and shock the world. I think that football is a simple game and if you take care of the football, if you're a fundamental team and you're sound and you're smart, then you have a chance to win on Sunday.

Q: What have you learned about Rashad Jennings and how you can use him?
A: Rashad Jennings - he's someone I have a tremendous amount of respect for. He came in, he shows up and he's ready to work every day. I think he has a nice skill set for the position. I think he's a young man who is very focused in the way that he goes about his business and I look forward to seeing him grow this year.

Q: Rueben Randle.
A: Yeah, Rueben's had a very productive offseason. He's a smart player and he's caught on to things pretty well. I'm excited for Rueben.

Q: And the screen game, what are your thoughts on that? What's your philosophy on the screen game?
A: It's to get some completions and win the down. Slow down the pass rush.