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Giants 2014 Almanac Available Soon

William Perlman-USA TODAY Sports

We have something special coming for you soon, New York Giants fans. The first-ever New York Giants Almanac from Big Blue View will be available for purchase within the next few weeks. No firm publication date has been set, but the Almanac should be available early in July -- well in advance of training camp.

The Almanac should include more than 60 pages filled with information about the Giants and the teams they will play in 2014. Work from several of the Big Blue View staff members will be featured. Here is a rundown of some of what you will get for just $4.99.

  • Season Overview
  • Giants' 2014 Season Schedule
  • On overview of each of the Giants' 2014 Opponents
  • An in-depth Look at new OC Ben McAdoo
  • A team-by-team NFC East Overview
  • A staff round table discussing the Hall of Fame enshrinement of Michael Strahan
  • A player-by-player overview of the Giants' 2014 NFL Draft
  • Thoughts on five ‘make or break' players for 2014
  • Brief bios on all of the free agents signed by the Giants
  • The 90-man training camp roster at time of publication
  • Fantasy Football preview from Dennis Esser, our Fantasy Football coach extaordinaire

The Almanac will be published in several formats, and more information on how to purchase yours will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, put aside your $4.99 and the time it will take to read through the most extensive guide to the Giants 2014 season you will find anywhere.