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Mark Herzlich was almost on 'Game of Thrones'

This super-excited TMZ guy cornered Mark Herzlich in New York and got him rolling through a variety of "Game of Thrones" topics. Giants-GoT superfans, prepare yourselves.

New York Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich says he almost landed a role on the HBO mega-hit "Game of Thrones" ... but he couldn't "crush faces" well enough.

The TMZ reporter (cringe) is pretty excited and all-over the place while questioning Herzlich, who was in New York to promote his new book, "What It Takes," so we don't exactly know how close the three-year NFL veteran was to getting on the show. Regardless, it's evident that Herzlich's a huge fan of the show, as he spends a great chunk of the 2:25 in the video above breaking down his thoughts and future predictions for the series.

"I tried to get on it, but they picked that huge guy who can crush faces," Herzlich said. "I can't crush faces yet."

That huge face-crusher character is apparently "The Mountain" (I'm only halfway through season two, unfortunately), and is played by Icelandic strongman competitor Hafthor Bjornsonn. Wikipedia lists Bjornsson at 6-foot-9, 419 pounds, and whether that's true or not, the scary fact is the Indianapolis Colts almost signed him in 2013.