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Why hasn't Giants rookie Jay Bromley signed a contract yet?

Only one Giants rookie has yet to sign a contract.

Jay Bromley
Jay Bromley

Third-round pick Jay Bromley is the only member of the New York Giants' 2014 NFL Draft class yet to sign his rookie contract. What's up with that? Why hasn't the Syracuse defensive tackle, selected 74th overall, signed on the dotted line yet?

Former sports agent Joel Corry offered this explanation:

"There's more to negotiate in the third round than any other round. Third-round picks don't get the maximum value of their draft slot and don't sign deals with signing bonus and minimum base salaries," Corry said. "His agent might be waiting on Tre Mason, the pick right [after] him, to sign before finishing the deal."

Bromley is represented by Sportstars and his agents are listed as Jared Fox and Alan Herman.

For some perspective, Bromley is one of 10 third-round picks yet to sign. There are 11 second-round picks who remain unsigned, and 13 first-rounders without contracts.

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