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Mailbag: Yes, Syracuse, Boston College and LSU are Giants' hot beds

You have questions, Ed has answers. It is 'mailbag' time.

Will Beatty
Will Beatty
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

What is on your mind this week, New York Giants' fans? Let's dig into the Big Blue View Mailbag and find out.

Answer: It was obvious from the one practice media was allowed to watch that the Giants want to go faster, but that does not mean they will take away the ability for Eli Manning to change plays at the line of scrimmage. It means you will likely see more no-huddle, and you will see the Giants try to snap the ball more quickly. The plan also seems to be to allow the center to make more of the protection calls, meaning one less thing the quarterback has to handle at the line. Manning is a smart quarterback and Tom Coughlin has always said one of the things he does best is get the Giants into the right play at the line of scrimmage. They would be foolish to tie his hands and not allow him to do that.

Question: I find it somewhat perplexing that [Will] Beatty played well enough to earn a big contract in 2012 but played poorly the following year before his season ending injury. He has attempted to explain this by saying that the tried to do too much in order to prove that he deserved the big contract. If this is plausible (and I'm not sure it is) and he has fully recovered from his injury is it unrealistic to assume that he will return to 2012 form; particularly since he will be playing alongside a very fine Guard? -- Nat Karol

Answer: No doubt that Beatty had an awful 2013 season. He was pretty good before getting hurt in 2011, though, and very good in 2012. The Giants are expecting Beatty to be ready for training camp, and provided that he is able to participate fully in camp, thus getting in adequate work before the season starts, I see no reason he won't be much better this season than he was last year. Will he be an All-Pro? Probably not, but before last season I figured he was among the top half of left tackles in the league. I think the Giants would be happy to see him play that way, and he should be capable of that.

Question: Is it my imagination or do that the Giants draft an improbably high number of draft picks from the same schools? Syracuse, Boston College, LSU -- Martin Horowitz

Answer: No, Martin, it's not your imagination. The Giants have drafted three players from Syracuse (Ryan Nassib, Justin Pugh, Jay Bromley) in the past two years. Linebacker Jameel McClain, signed as a free agent, is also from Syracuse. Boston College guys on the roster include Mathias Kiwanuka, Chris Snee, Mark Herzlich and Andre Williams. LSU guys include Rueben Randle, Odell Beckham Jr., Trindon Holliday and Kendrick Adams. I don't think it is done on purpose, but it can't be a coincidence that Tom Coughlin played at Syracuse and coached at Boston College.

Question: The Giants have made major roster changes across the board this off season, how long do you feel it will take for the group to become a ‘well-oiled machine'? I would expect more time is needed for certain units (offensive line)? Some players will do really well, others not so much ... any historical comparisons on how such mass turnover in a roster works out? -- John

Answer: There is no doubt that it will take time. I asked Geoff Schwartz, on his fourth team in four years, the 'how long will it take to smooth out the offense?' question. He said it will likely take until the middle of training camp until the Giants are consistently able to execute the new system. I actually think that's optimistic. I think it will take snaps against live competition during the preseason, and honestly that the offense will still be a work in progress when the regular season begins. There should be some good things. Fans need to brace themselves for some rough spots, though, because not everything will be perfect. As for the roster turnover, some of the guys who were brought in will succeed and others will flame out and maybe not even make the 53-man roster. I don't have hard historical data, but it is very difficult to mold a team when there is this much change -- especially in key spots.

Question: Do you remember the comments after Will Hill's second failed drug test? There seemed to be a whole lot of "give him one more chance, if he has one more strike then cut him." Now, after strike three, people are willing to give him a strike four. When does it end?! -- Pataroons

Answer: I did not remember, and I won't really belabor the argument by posting those comments here. If folks want to look them up you can find some in this post and some in the post announcing his 2013 suspension. I actually think it would be instructional for folks to go back and scan the comments of those posts. It seems like the tone of the comments was more 'anti-Hill' after the second offense than the third. When will it end? It will end when the Giants cut him. Or when they keep him and he finally keeps his nose clean.

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