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NFL Draft 2014: Jay Bromley movie night put on hold, selected by Giants' in third round

The Giants selected Jay Bromley in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft

The Giants selected Jayson Bromley in the third round of the NFL Draft
The Giants selected Jayson Bromley in the third round of the NFL Draft
Joe Robbins

Jay Bromley had an interesting night planned. Expecting to be drafted between rounds four and six, the Syracuse University defensive tackle went out to the grocery store with his girlfriend to pick up some juice and a movie.

"We were going to watch 'Gravity,'" Bromley said.

But when his phone rang with Giants V.P. of Player Personnel Marc Ross on the other end, those plans were put on hold.The New York Giants selected Bromley in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft, 74th overall.

"I thought they were joking," Bromley said. "When I talked to Coach Coughlin, it was surreal, it was like man this is really happening right now. I worked so hard, it's just amazing."

Growing up, the Jamaica, N.Y. native was born and raised a Giants' fan. Getting a call from the organization he rooted for since he was a child was a dream.

"The home team, my favorite team, it's crazy. It's Big Blue," Bromley said. "Then I get picked by them? That's crazy, it's amazing."

Last season, Bromley finished third-team All-ACC as a captain for Syracuse. The 6-foot-4, 285-pound tackle recorded 14.5 tackles for a loss, 10 sacks and three forced fumbles. Giants' general manager Jerry Reese said New York views Bromley as the complete package, capable of rushing the passer and also plugging the middle.

"He's got some two-gap ability, he can stand in there at the point of attack," Reese said. "He's got speed. The guy ran a 4.9 and some change at the combine so he can get up field and finish on the quarterback.

"He can hold the point, he can run, he has some range to run lateral and make plays down the line of scrimmage."

Aside from rushing the quarterback and stopping the run, the Giants want Bromley to put on some weight. During his senior year, the 21-year-old played at 296 pounds, Coughlin and company want him between 315 and 320 pounds.

"He was around 310 and you'd like him to be a little bigger than that," Coughlin said. "He'll get back in the weight room and work and one thing he does do is work. We have no question about this kid's character, work ethic, his focus and how serious he is about the job he's about to undertake.

"Those things speak very highly about what we've tried to do throughout this draft."

'When I talked to Coach Coughlin, it was surreal, it was like man this is really happening right now.'   - Jay Bromley

Each of the Giants' three draft picks thus far -- Odell Beckham Jr., Weston Richburg and now Bromley -- were captains for their teams last season. With players as Justin Tuck and David Diehl no longer with the team, the more potential leaders, the better.

"The fact that some of these players that have been looked upon as outstanding ar eleaders and we have others here that will take that role I'm sure," Coughlin said. "It's always good to have a self-starter, it's always good to have somebody that is completely devoted to their job."

Reese compared Bromley's build to that of ex-Giant Chris Canty while also saying he expects the defensive tackle to contribute right away.

"He's a big kid, he's played a high level of competition and he's a strong kid," Reese said. "He had good reps at the combine, big, clean, hardworking, tough football player. We expect him to come in and be a part of the rotation."

But before hitting the weight room, chasing down opponents quarterbacks or graduating Syracuse -- he will walk at the school's ceremony tomorrow -- is there time for Bromley and his girlfriend to watch the movie he initially set out to grab?

"It's been completely put on hold," Bromley said, laughing. "The movie's an afterthought now to be honest."