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NFL Draft 2014: Day 2 Live Blog

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Keep up with all the action on Day 2 of the 2014 NFL Draft in our Open Thread.


[Note by Ed Valentine, 05/09/14 8:48 p.m.]

The Giants won't be selecting Notre Dame tight end Troy Niklas.

[Note by Ed Valentine, 05/09/14 7:46 p.m. ]

How did Marqise Lee last until the 39th pick? And how did the New York Jets not pull off a trade to go up and get him?

[Note by Ed Valentine, 05/09/14 7:39 p.m.]

Another one bites the dust.

[UPDATE by Ed Valentine, 05/09/14 7:32 p.m.]

Guys who might have been targets for the Giants are flying off the board.

[UPDATE by Ed Valentine, 05/09/14 7:26 p.m.]

[UPDATE by Ed Valentine, 05/09/14 6:42 p.m.]

You have to wonder how Josh Gordon's impending suspension after another failed drug test will impact tonight's draft action. You also have to give props to Bill Barnwell for this tweet:

Day 2 of the 2014 NFL Draft begins Friday night at 7 p.m. ET. Television coverage will, as always, be on both ESPN and NFL Network. On the heels of selecting wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. 12th overall in Round 1, the New York Giants have the 43rd (Round 2) and 74th (Round 3) overall selections.

What will the Giants do with those picks? Earlier today, Jesse Bartolis broke down the best players available and we also looked at what several Round 2 mock drafts think the Giants might do.

The Giants have the wide receiver they were looking for. Will they focus tonight on adding to their offensive or defensive lines?

Use this as an Open Thread to discuss the entire first round. We will have full coverage of each pick the Giants make, analysis and reaction from the Giants organization and from the players selected, so be sure to stay tuned.

Day 2 Viewing Guide

When: 7 p.m. ET

TV: NFL Network and ESPN/ESPN2 for all three days

Online Streaming: Full Draft: Live

Giants' coverage: and the Giants mobile app will carry live Giants-specific coverage from 9:30-10:30 p.m.

Giants' Day 2 Selections

Round 2: 43rd
Round 3: 74th