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2014 NFL Draft: Panthers' GM endorses Giants' selection of Beckham

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The Giants' selection of wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has received the endorsement of at least one other NFL GM.

Stacy Revere

One of the reasons the New York Giants selected wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. 12th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft on Thursday night is that Beckham, in the words of general manager Jerry Reese, is that the Giants think Beckham "is pro-ready now."

Reese got a somewhat surprising nod of agreement from Carolina Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman. Picking 28th, the Panthers drafted Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin. Discussing the pick, Gettleman told Carolina media that "The only receiver in this draft whose route running you can't question is Odell Beckham."

Reese referred to Beckham Jr. as "a terrific route runner" and said he expected him to play on the outside, allowing the Giants to leave Victor Cruz in the slot.

Giants' coach Tom Coughlin summarized Beckham this way:

"He has great speed, he's polished, he's talented, he has big hands, he has played at the top of the level in college football. His head coach speaks very, very highly of him as a worker in addition, as a great example to the other receivers, so we felt like this is someone who would help us a great deal to put the ball in the end zone, be a guy that we can count on to help us score some points."