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Jerry Reese: Giants couldn't pass up 'dynamic' Beckham Jr.

Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin and Marc Ross talked about the first-round selection of wide receiver Odell Beckham

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Be it Hakeem Nicks, Jerrel Jernigan or Rueben Randle, Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese knew there would be an adjustment period as the recently-drafted rookies transitioned to the NFL.

So when the Giants' sent Roger Goodell to the podium at Radio City Music Hall with "Odell Beckham" inscribed on their draft card, that time frame would be the same with New York’s latest first-round pick, right?


"He’s almost pro ready," Reese said at a press conference shortly after the selection. "We know he’ll get better with pro coaching, but he’s almost pro ready."

The dual-threat Beckham represents a threat for New York not just as a wide receiver, but a returner as well. Last year, Beckham finished with 2,315 all-purpose yards, the third most on the SEC’s all-time single-season list behind Randall Cobb and Darren McFadden.

"He’s a dynamic outside wide receiver, he’s a dynamic punt returner and he’s a dynamic kick returner," Reese said. "They guy can score touchdowns in three different ways for you. There was no way we could pass him up."

Both Reese and Coughlin view Beckham as an outside wide receiver, despite his 5-foot-11 height.

"He’s not the biggest guy in the draft but his size is fine," Coughlin said. "There are plenty of receivers that have been extremely successful with similar size. He can play slot, he can play outside, move him around and he’s done that."

Giants' V.P. of Player Evaluation Marc Ross said he was initially impressed with Beckham during a pre-draft interview at the NFL Combine.

"When we do those interviews, certain ones stick out," Ross said. "The way they carry themselves, the way they communicate, the way they talk about football. Those are the things we look for. He was outstanding.

"A humble guy, great upbringing, great pedigree and just talking film, talking football with him. He was one of the sharpest ones we had."

Beckham’s pedigree may be one of the best in the draft. His father, Odell Beckham Sr., was a running back for LSU and his mother a track star. Beckham attended Newman High School, the same school as Cooper, Eli and Peyton Manning.